Mamete Prevostini


Mamete Prevostini

Italy • Lombardi

The history of Mamete Prevostini, wines of Valtellina is that of an Italian wine cellar that began to love wine more than 70 years ago, with a close connection with the territory: the Valtellina, one of the most important terraced viticultural areas in Italy.

Wines Mamete Prevostini, wines of Valtellina, they all have a character distinct and unique . Each wine Mamete Prevostini, wines of Valtellina, tells, in fact, the territory of Valtellina: elegance, finesse, power, for a great interpretation of Nebbiolo in Valtellina.

Wines Mamete Prevostini, wines of Valtellina, begin their history in Crotto, where his grandfather Mamete Prevostini began after the war to make wine using local grapes in Valtellina and to serve the customers of Crotasc, the restaurant that is still a point of reference for good Valtellina cuisine.

Since 1988, the company Mamete Prevostini, Valtellina wines, is managed by Mamete, which, with its family tradition, has brought many innovations both in the cultivation of vineyards and in winemaking. Until arriving in 2013, where Mamete Prevostini realized the first CasaClima Wine Cellar of Lombardy with a spectacular event that involved all Valchiavenna.

In Mamete Prevostini, wines of Valtellina, therefore, historicity and innovation are expressed in spectacular wines: Valtellina, the mountain ... is just the beginning!


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