Boutique Wines is proud to have Europe’s most trusted wine Partners. Our partnerships are built on face-to-face relationships that allow us to provide Canadian consumers access to the world's best undiscovered wines.


Sublime Terrior

Elisabeth Villeminot has always been attracted to the world of taste. Born in France to an American mother and French father, Elisabeth spent a few years living in America as a child before moving to Europe, where she has lived for over 30 years.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Durham in England, Elisabeth trained as a chef, learning the craft at Michelin starred restaurants in Paris and Rome. In 2003, while working at the prestigious La Pergola in Rome under Chef Heinz Beck and sommelier Marco Reitano, she was inspired to obtain her sommelier degree from the Associazione Italiana.

In 2004 she moved to Paris to work with renowned wine broker Peter Vezan. Under Peter’s tutelage, she learned the intricacies of the French wine world, allowing her to become the skillful taster and equanimous wine broker that she is today. In 2014 she founded Sublime Terroir, to continue the work started by Peter Vezan (who remains a guiding presence), working with some of the finest producers in all of France.

Along with working as a premier wine broker, Elisabeth is also the author of the book Grapes Unfined and Unfiltered – a series of interviews with grape varieties. She had also written various articles about food and wine that have appeared in publications around the world.

Boutique Wines and Sublime Terroir are extremely proud to work together to bring amazing wines and suppliers to the wine loving community of Western Canada.

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Les Caves de Pyrene

Les Caves de Pyrene is a leading UK importer, agent, distributor and retailer of wines from around the world. We believe in promoting ‘natural’ wines: wines made by hand with minimal chemical intervention, that are expressive of their homeland and where the winemaking shows maximum respect for the environment.

We believe in the importance of ‘terroir’, indigenous grapes, diversity and organic viticulture. Above all, wines of character. We champion small. Independent winemakers, the hardy souls who put their love and life’s work into the bottle to deliver a unique and inspiring product.

Our core values mesh beautifully with Boutique Wines, they are simply to trade fairly with winemakers around the world to source and supply the strongest possible portfolio of wines. We strive to search for wines of integrity; that truly represent the terroirs from which they originate and reflect the passion of the winemakers behind them. We work closely with winemakers and customer alike to offer pricing that is fair.

By working closely with our suppliers to build trading relationships that work for both parties, we help our producers find and support new markets for their wines.