Elio Sandri


Elio Sandri

Italy • Pledmont

The Wines from Elio Sandri are world class and just under the radar which is perfect!

The vineyards are farmed lovingly, in a truly minimally interventionist style, planted roughly between 300 and 350 meters above sea level, only account for part of the brilliance of these wines. There is of course the winemaking as well. Adhering to a similar non-interventionist tact in the cellar, Elio has quietly been producing wines that should be recognized as among the region's best. Seriously, these wines can compete with any being produced in the Langhe, and an argument can be made, a very strong argument in fact, that his Dolcetto and Barbera and not only screaming values, but truly among the world’s finest expressions of these varieties.

There is no great commercial distribution of these wines. Production is tiny, in no small part because Elio has never been bitten by the cru bug. There are two Barolo produced here. Normal & Riserva.

Elio's been the guiding hand at Cascina Disa since the 2000 vintage, though the property was purchased by his father in 1965, coincidentally the year of his birth. He has a gift and has quietly been producing wines that will be recognized as deserving the same acclaim as the top Barolo houses. The biggest impediment to that fame is the limited production of about 300 cases a year of Barolo.  You won't find the wines out at mass tastings, or submitted for review.

If you see these wines, grab them. There are perhaps 10,000 bottles a year in total produced and virtually none in the secondary market. I mentioned before that the Dolcetto and Barbera are both terrific, they are also among the most age worthy wines of their type. Simply fabulous additions to the cellar and a glimpse of what these wines were, and can be.

The hands-on nature of Cascina Disa doesn't end in the vineyard, nor in the cellar. Every bottle of Barolo is hand wrapped in paper. A fitting and final touch from Elio to his valued customers.

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