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I Mandorli

Italy • Tuscany

The winery I Mandorli is in Tuscany, near Suvereto, a small village between Bolgheri and Piombino, on the hills in front of the coast.

The idea of planting the vines was when the family bought the land in 2002 and in 2004/5 the first vines were planted. During this time Andrea, who worked in an wine company, an expert in biodynamic method was hired as the winemaker. With Andrea's help, the project began: to produce a wine respects nature, the soil and the land, that belongs to everyone: the land isn't ours, so who farms must respect and look after it. The biodynamic method helps to do, so enriching the soil with a natural composition of microorganism that helps the roots of the vines to find a balance. we started to farm the soil with the biodynamic method.

The cabernet vines face the coast, in front of Elba Island. they overlook the sea, so the name of this wine is Vigna al Mare(vine at sea).

The Sangiovese vines, face the "Metallifere Hills". These hills are very rich in minerals. Around the Sangiovese vines, there is a Mediterranean self-vegetation with a lot of cork trees. So the name of this wine is Vigna alla sughera(Vine at Cork). Our vines are influenced by many
The vines are influenced by many elements: sea, minerals, Mediterranean self-vegetation, and sunlight.

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