Glass Vodka


Glass Vodka

USA • Washington

In 2012, Ian G. MacNeil launched Glass Distillery to introduce his flagship spirit, Glass Vodka, to the public. His goal was to create a vodka that was pure, smooth and artfully crafted, with a deep appreciation for the environment from which it was born.

Never one to shy away from the spotlight or quietly accept convention, Ian wanted Glass Vodka to represent a taste for curious rebellion.

Ian is a renaissance man, an entrepreneur, an artist, a pilot, a chef – a connoisseur of a variety of areas in life from food to wine to spirits to travel – and a consummate student of science, art and life.  He is committed to producing the highest quality vodka in a place he loves. His ties and support for the Northwest community extends beyond the sourcing of grapes from local vineyards. Glass Distillery is honored to support the talent of the region’s glassblowing artists from which the name “Glass” is inspired.  

His new guard vodka celebrates all that life has to offer from refinement and beauty, to conflict and creativity. He invites you to taste and share his dream that is Glass Vodka.

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