Castello di Grillano


Castello di Grillano

Italy • Ovada

The “Castello di Grillano” trademark takes its name (“The Castle of Grillano”) from the village of that name, located two kilometers from Ovada. The historic town of Ovada was founded by the ancient Romans at the meeting point of two rivers, the Orba and the Stura. It is 34 km from Alessandria, and just 20 minutes on the highway to the sea at Genoa.

Ovada’s closeness to this major Italian city influenced its history, following the ups and downs of the Genoese Maritime Republic until the struggles to create a unified Italy resulted in Italy’s final emergence as a nation.

The area around Ovada is famous for its pristine nature and luxuriant vegetation framing picturesque views, along with its valued wines and exceptional cuisine which – heavily influenced by neighboring Liguria – is truly unique and special. Wine-making in the Ovada area has a centuries old tradition. Almost all of the region’s vineyards grow Dolcetto grapes, from which Dolcetto wines are made, and in particular “Ovada D.O.C.G.” and “Ovada D.O.C.G. Riserva”, with its ruby red color and very complex bouquet. Those who wish to enjoy a complete wine and gastronomy experience, sampling the different reds and whites of the Ovada area, will also find the best of hospitality at Castello di Grillano


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