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Jane Eyre grew up in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. For 10 years, she cut hair in Melbourne, and one of her clients was the wife of Aussie wine critic Jeremy Oliver, which opened the door for her to go to work in Burgundy (she did vintage there in 1998). When she got back she met wine merchant Philip Rich and got a job at his Prince Wine Store. She started doing vintages at various wineries in Australia, New Zealand and Burgundy. Eventually she decided to move to Burgundy, which she did in 2004, and where she now works as a winemaker at Domaine Newman, as well as running her own micro-negociant operation (since 2011, she shares a winery with Dominique Lafon). These are lovely wines with a distinctive, nicely poised, lean house style. She doesn't over extract. 'You'll kill the beauty of Pinot by over-extracting it.'


She's good friends with Benjamin Leroux, who has helped her get fruit. But the price of grapes has gone up 40% since she started. On her trips back to Australia, she does a bit of winemaking with Bill Downie (a talented natural winemaker in Gippsland), where she gets to make a bit of Pinot.

Production of Jane's Burgundies is now around 20 barrels annually.

Jane Eyre

Gevrey Chambertin Villages

The pinot noirs of this vintage come from two climates of Gevrey Chambertin. “La Combe du Dessus”; which is located in front of the castle of Chambertin and & ”En Champs”  a little further along the hillsides, opposite the 1er cru Champeaux. The vines are between 35 and 50 years old.

At the first nose, its ripe pinot aromas emerge from the glass (red and sweet black stone fruits). When airing, mounts the earthy notes (humus) typical of Côte de Nuits wines. The palate confirms this maturity of the nose with soft tannins without the mouth losing its energy. It indulges in a crescendo final and a persistent rare for a simple Villages.


Technical Information
Vintage: 2014Region: BurgundyFermentation Method: After soft pressing and fermentation with native yeasts in temperature-controlled stainless steel, the wine ages in one-year-old barrels of Troncais and Allier oak. It is then bottled and rests, unfiltered, for about another year before release.Appellation: Gevrey ChambertinAlcohol: 13.5%